Automotive Industry

We have experience in servicing the automotive industry. We have machined engine components, electrical housings, and many cosmetic components that must be visually aesthetic to our customers’ end users. We have machined parts for automotive power houses Mercedes and Rolls Royce. We’ve also machined parts as a third party supplier for companies locally; e.g. Mocon. Polaris has also acquired our services and expertise to help design and manufacture parts for their ATV’s. If you would like to learn more about our automotive industry experience, please contact us.

Robotics Industry

Alliance Machine has done some designing and manufacturing of small to medium sized robotics. Our design experts can help you go from concept to finished product fast and effectively.

We have designed and manufactured components for robotic builds and full assemblies for IT Robotics and Beckman Coulter.

To learn more about how we can assist you, please contact us.

Technology Industry

Our Newest Machine.
In the fast pace world of CNC Machining and Manufacturing, Technology is always advancing. At Alliance Machine, we do all that we can to stay in tune to changes and improvements in our industry.

In 2010 and 2011, we continued our committment to embrace advancements in technology by adding six new machines to our shop. Each machine was purchase to save our customers time and money throughout our design-to-production process. Our never-ending mission to cut costs by following lean manufacturing practices never slows down.

We are passionate about advancing our tools and services, all while saving you time and money.

To check out our new machines, as well as all of our other ones, please visit our Equipment List.

Electronics Industry

Alliance Machine Inc. provides precision CNC machining and micromachining of machine products for the electronics industry. The quickly changing electronics industry relies on fast yet cost-effective production runs. AMI meets the exacting demands of the electronics industry with efficient production and long or short run capabilities.

Electronic components also require tight tolerances and extremely intricate forming. AMI maintains a fully upgraded Swiss machining facility with the equipment to machine cutting-edge electronic machine products. Our advanced machines provide the precision CNC machining and micromachining techniques to better service your needs.

With 25 years of machining experience, AMI is a leader in electronics industry precision machining. The intricate parts in electronic devices and circuit boards can be expertly machined by our Swiss machining experts in a variety of materials, such as aluminum, titanium and plastic.

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