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Manufacturing Excellence.

Alliance Machine has a nearly 30 year history of delivering high-value manufacturing solutions to the aerospace, defense, medical, and technology industries. Our team of experienced and highly skilled managers, engineers and machinists work within our Alliance Integrated Management System (AIMS) that is designed to deliver perfect orders to our customers. Our manufacturing facility is based just outside Minneapolis, MN and specializes in machining all metals including aluminum, steel, titanium, tungsten, magnesium and other exotics. Also, our abilities to run forgings and aluminum castings are among the best in the industry. Contact us today and see how our process can save your program time and money.


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Investing in state-of-the-art

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We believe in automation.

Alliance Machine prides itself in staying on the leading edge of manufacturing technology.  Technology helps us deliver PERFECT ORDERS to you in an efficient manner, saving costs over the life of your program. 

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A purpose built facility.

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Anyone can build a great big building.

At Alliance Machine, we have a big beautiful building, that's not what makes us different.  What does make us different is our attention to detail.  Inside our four walls everything is placed for efficiency and designed to serve as a step in the process to creating a PERFECT ORDER.

Success needs a plan, ours is
called AIMS


The right people and a plan make a business successful.

We have assembled a loyal, experienced, and eager team at Alliance Machine.
 Our department heads are proficient in all aspects of Aerospace and Defense manufacturing and live to our
Alliance Integrated Management System (AIMS) to ensure our customers expectations are met. 

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29 years of evolving to
exceed our clients needs.

In manufacturing, history is knowledge.  We leverage our history and experience to exemplify World Class Manufacturing.

Over time, our state of the art facility, centuries of experience among our employees, and a highly evolved management system, Alliance Machine has been molded to deliver on one simple promise: PERFECT ORDERS.